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New Rochelle, NY’s Home for Quality Appliances

We have been in the appliance business for years. That’s what we love, that’s what we do, and that’s what we know. So if you want to get your money’s worth, come shop for your appliances with us and expect nothing less than expert advice and service.

Man and woman checking a refrigerator

Variety of top-notch refrigerators

Perhaps no appliance is as important as your refrigerator. Isn’t it time you got a reliable, energy-efficient one? Side-by-side refrigerator/freezers are the most popular-selling design today, with many makes and models to choose from. We also have energy-efficient refrigerator and freezer combinations, with the freezer on either the top or bottom.

Woman checking a washing machine

Quality dishwashers

We carry a range of dishwashers, including under-the-counter and portable styles. Under-counter dishwashers save you a lot of space, are easy to operate, and can match your other appliances. Portable dishwashers are the perfect solution for small kitchens and can be wheeled-in when needed. Whatever your kitchen setup may be, we have the solution for you.

Gas burners

Ovens, stoves, and ranges

Our ovens come in three main sizes: single, double, and combination. Our stovetops are a great choice, too. We have a variety of standard gas burners, the most traditional and common choice for professional cooks. We also carry sealed gas burners, electric coil elements, ceramic glass burners, and magnetic induction stove tops. We’ve got something for everyone!

Washing machines in the showroom

Washing machines and dryers

We have traditional top-loading washing machines available in a wide assortment of models, price ranges, and styles. Front-loading washers deliver excellent overall performance, as they typically use less water and are highly energy efficient. We also have washer/dryer combinations, which are quite useful if you are short on space.

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